Envisioning a future where no Canadian goes to bed hungry.

In the heart of communities nationwide, a growing challenge looms large—food insecurity. Families, children, and over 6 million individuals are grappling with the uncertainty of their next meal. In the face of this stark reality, a passionate movement is emerging, driven by individuals who refuse to turn a blind eye. Among them stands Andrew Edwards, a dedicated member of the Board of Directors at the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada (MGFC) and an avid volunteer at the Richmond Hill Community Food Bank.

Turning Passion for Community into a Mission to Fight Hunger

Andrew recognized a pressing need within his community. As a volunteer at the Richmond Hill Community Food Bank, he witnessed firsthand the increasing demands on food banks and their critical role in supporting vulnerable populations.

The Richmond Hill Community Food Bank has been a beacon of hope, serving as a lifeline for many families and individuals facing food insecurity. With inflation and interest rates on the rise, the price of food surging to all time highs, and more refugees than ever before being welcomed to our country, the urgency of finding innovative fundraising solutions became clearer as the organization’s mission to serve the community remained critical and steadfast.

As the pressures mounted, Andrew’s dual roles as an MGFC Board member and food bank volunteer spurred an idea to harness technology’s power to make a tangible difference. The realization that a mobile-driven approach could provide a transformative solution took root. This idea was a simple concept with a heartfelt mission to help food banks reach more donors.

Over the past 12 months, there has been a 50% increase in the usage of the local food bank in Richmond Hill, with over 3,000 individuals being assisted every month. The number of people seeking assistance keeps rising, which has led to the Richmond Hill Community Food Bank adapting to make giving even more accessible.

Text to Donate: Text GIVE to 80100 to donate $10 or $25. After confirming the donation amount, the donor is billed directly to their phone bill: no credit cards or lengthy forms.

Scan to Donate: Using our QR code, donors can quickly access the donation process, making giving easier than ever.

Monthly Support: Donors can choose to give monthly, ensuring steady support for our community’s needs.

Where the Money Goes: Every penny donated goes straight to buying food. 100% of donations fill the Richmond Hill Community Food Bank’s shelves, ensuring no one goes hungry.

“As the number of Canadians facing food insecurity continues to grow each year, food banks and other charities that support hungry Canadians can best serve their local communities when they have regular donations they know they can rely on each month,” said Lee Reynolds, Manager of the Richmond Hill Community Food Bank.

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(Andrew Edwards and his business partner Christine Reynolds volunteer at the Richmond Hill Community Food Bank.)

The Richmond Hill Community Food Bank’s story is one echoed in countless communities across Canada. The increasing demand for food assistance emphasizes the urgency of adapting and expanding fundraising efforts. With limited time, resources, and in-house talent, food banks need help launching effective strategies to address this critical and rising need.

Frictionless Monthly Giving, Powered by MGFC

This is where the innovative program by the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada comes into play—a program that holds the potential to revolutionize the way food banks raise funds and engage their supporters.

We are proud to introduce Frictionless Giving: Supporting the pursuit to end food insecurity in Canada.

This program taps into the mobile technology that’s become integral to our lives: text messaging. Using text-to-donate can empower food banks, like The Richmond Hill Community Food Bank, to amplify their impact and reach. Through this initiative, food banks will be equipped with cutting-edge tools that make donating easy, immediate, and frictionless.

For just $350, registered charities can access three months of mobile fundraising opportunities. MGFC has simplified monthly giving, making it effortless and accessible. Donors can now subscribe to contribute up to $25 monthly in under 30 seconds by sending a couple of text messages.

Kickstarting Frictionless Giving: 12 Actionable Ideas for Success

MGFC aims to simplify fundraising to help charitable organizations focus on their core missions. To help kickstart the fundraising journey and maximize campaign reach, here are 12 actionable ideas tailored to help food banks connect with potential donors:

  1. Community Outreach: Distribute promotional flyers at community centres, libraries, and sports arenas.
  2. Corporate Outreach: Request businesses to promote your message in-store and on social media.
  3. Direct Mail: Highlight the ease of text donations in mailed letters and postcards.
  4. Events: Showcase text-to-donate prominently at fundraising events and gatherings.
  5. Food Drives: Include QR codes on flyers and donation bins.
  6. Government Outreach: Ask politicians to feature your call-to-action in newsletters.
  7. Newsletters: Embed a clear text-to-donate section in your regular communications.
  8. Paid Media: Run targeted ads highlighting the text-to-donate process.
  9. Radio & Podcast: Discuss the simplicity of text donations in radio spots and podcasts.
  10. Swag: Imprint QR codes on wearable items and tote bags.
  11. TV & Video: Demonstrate the donation process in video segments and commercials.
  12. Social Media: Post bright images detailing how to text-to-donate effectively.

For a deeper dive, we’ve assembled a comprehensive guide we provide with onboarding that includes templates, examples, and mock-ups to expedite your fundraising efforts.

What can you do?

Let’s collaborate to make a meaningful impact. If you’re involved with or know of organizations working to combat food insecurity, let’s connect and explore our innovative pilot program. Help us connect with the following:

  • Food Banks: Collect, store, and distribute food to needy people.
  • Food Pantries: Offer emergency food assistance to individuals and families.
  • Meal Delivery Services: Provide meals to homebound individuals and seniors.
  • School Meal Programs: Ensure students have access to nutritious meals.
  • Soup Kitchens: Serve prepared meals to those facing hunger.
  • Mobile Food Programs: Deliver food directly to underserved areas.
  • Food Rescue Organizations: Recover surplus food for redistribution.

Please email [email protected] or book a meeting with us to discuss how you can help
and share your ideas for combating food insecurity in Canada. Learn more at

The success of the text-to-donate platform is underlined by Mobile Giving Foundation Canada’s remarkable track record. With over 800 Canadian registered charities supported and over $10 million raised since 2006, the impact speaks for itself.

Andrew Edwards’ passion and dedication at both the Richmond Hill Community Food Bank and MGFC illustrate the power of an individual’s vision to ignite change. It’s a reminder that even in the face of challenges, a united effort can spark transformative solutions, ensuring that no community member has to go to bed hungry.

Frictionless Monthly Giving is a testament to the shared commitment of food banks and MGFC to create a world where hunger is but a memory. Join the fight against hunger and get in touch today!

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