About Us

Mission Statement

Our goal is to use wireless technology to support charitable causes and remove barriers for donors. Merging philanthropy with the power of the mobile medium serves the broader objective of expanding the pool of contributors, to include those who might only be able to afford to make a small gift of $5, $10, $20, or $25 charged through their carrier bill. Mobile giving also allows the user to respond immediately to a crisis or issue of choice. The process is quick, easy, and promotes an entirely new generation of giving.

The Mobile Giving Foundation will operate in Canada and serve global interests.  To do so, it shall:

  • Provide the organizational element that enables charitable giving across wireless carrier platforms
  • Oversee responsibility for compliance with all federal and provincial laws and regulations
  • Develop, manage and keep standards for participation
  • Certify Registered charities’ participation and giving campaigns
  • Manage message delivery and billing solutions across carriers
  • Manage assigned short codes to be utilized by charities for mobile giving
  • Act as billing settlement and records clearinghouse between carriers and participating charities
  • Manage ongoing technological development to support enhanced program offerings and increased functionality
History, Charitable Status and Charitable Objectives

The Mobile Giving Foundation Canada (MGFC) was founded in 2009 by key members of the wireless industry in partnership with the Canadian Telecommunications Association, with the support of Canadian wireless operators. The goal was to harness the power and connectivity of wireless communications to empower individuals to support their favourite causes.

Shortly following its inception, MGFC secured its status as a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency in June 2010. From that point on, MGFC has assumed responsibility for the issuance of charitable tax receipts to mobile users that make one or more donations through their wireless device.

The concept is simple: give Canadian wireless users a single “Mobile Giving Channel” where they could receive and respond to appeals from qualified Registered Charities.

The greatest attribute of mobile giving is immediacy. Alerted to a need either through a permission-based text message received on a mobile device or through an outside medium such as TV, mobile users can quickly and easily respond. No need to write a cheque, fill out a form or call someone, just text a reply to the prescribed short code, confirm your intent to donate and the giving cycle is complete. The time period from notification to contribution can be seconds rather than days, weeks or months. This immediacy and ease of use empowers Registered Charities to develop interactive applications that will engage a new class of donors.

By providing one access point to all carriers, MGFC gives charities the power to engage with donors in a fast and simple way. We believe a cooperative effort between the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada, the CWTA, and wireless operators create a trusted, predictable and effective system for mobile giving.

How It Works

MGFC serves as the link between a charitable giving campaign, the wireless operators, and the 26 million wireless users in Canada.

MGFC vets all Registered Charities that use the mobile channel, certifies all mobile giving programs, provides industry-wide guidance for charitable campaigns and establishes, with industry-wide input, the guidelines and standards for mobile giving. Additionally, we facilitate the text messages through our platform, collect funds generated through mobile giving campaigns from the carriers and then distribute the collected funds to the designated charity at 100% pass through.

Board of Directors
  • Jim Manis, Founder, MGFC
  • Robert Ghiz, President and CEO, Canadian Telecommunications Association
  • Denise Heckbert
  • Bernie Forestell, Fundraising and Marketing Strategist
  • Andrew Edwards, Consultant
Management Team
  • Katherine Winchester, Director of Operations, MGFC
  • Caitlin O’Neill, Senior Manager, MGFC
  • Celine Tessier, Campaign Coordinator, MGFC
  • Joe Manis, Director, Charity and Partner Operations, MGF-US
  • Becky Shanafelt, Accountant, MGFC and MGF-US
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