Nonprofit organizations have struggled to stand out in a crowded market, competing for attention and funds. But what if there was a way for organizations to make a more significant impact and easily capture donors’ attention? Enter text-to-donate technology – a powerful tool changing the game.

In this article, we’ll explore how:

  • To integrate text-to-donate into existing channels
  • Tips on how to promote your call-to-action

Read along to learn how text-to-donate helps nonprofits stand out, including tips for crafting a compelling campaign, maximizing your efforts, and taking advantage of this fundraising method’s many benefits.

How to Use Text-to-Donate in Combination with Other Channels

Text-to-donate is a convenient and effective way to mobilize your supporters and collect donations through their mobile devices. But text-to-donate is more than just a standalone solution. It works best when integrated with traditional fundraising channels like phone, mail, social media, and in-person events.

By promoting your text-to-donate campaign across multiple channels, you can increase your exposure and engagement. You can also use a compelling and concise call-to-action that motivates supporters to:

  • Text a keyword or emoji
  • Scan a QR code

Even though donations made through the text are smaller gifts ($5, $10, $20, or $25), the fact that they are charged directly to the donor’s cellphone bill makes it an easy and convenient way to donate, expanding your donor pool.

Follow along as we show you how to implement MGFC’s text-to-donate tool into five common fundraising channels and how to craft an appealing call-to-action to hook your audience.


Text-to-donate allows you to capture the attention and generosity of your viewers in real-time and make donating as easy as sending a text message.

  • How to implement: Display your call-to-action on screen and invite viewers to text in your keyword (or emoji) as they watch. You can also include your call-to-action in the lower third or ticker of the screen.
  • How to promote: Use phrases like “Text [keyword] to [Short Code] to give $10 to support our cause,” or “Join our text-to-donate community today.”

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Radio or podcasts

Radio and podcasts have a dedicated listener base and community, which makes them an extremely effective tool to communicate your message, inspire the audience to take action, and support your cause with a quick and easy text donation.

  • How to implement: Mention your call-to-action in your ad. It’s best to repeat this call-to-action several times and spell the keyword if necessary. Verbalizing a call-to-action adds a valuable personal touch, which can be a great driver to encourage donations.
  • How to promote: Have fun with promotions and visuals by using emojis. Use emojis that tie to your cause when you ask people to donate.

The Greater Vancouver Foodbank – In December 2021, they
raised $16K and spent less than $250 to run their campaign.

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Social media

Text-to-donate enables you to reach and engage your followers and turn them into donors with a simple and convenient call-to-action.

  • How to implement: Include your call-to-action in your ad or post’s caption, image, or video. You can also use a QR code if the platform allows it.
  • How to promote: Use social proof that shows your supporters that they are part of a larger community and movement. For example, “Thousands of people have already texted CHANGE to 45678. Will you be the next one?”

Promoting on social media also gives you opportunities for peer-to-peer fundraising, where donors can help spread the word about your cause. Your followers and supporters can easily share your post, share screenshots of their text-to-donate experience, and tag their friends to do the same.

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“Launching a TELUS Friendly Future Foundation® text-to-donate campaign: Simply text DONATE to 41010 to give $20 to TELUS Friendly Future Foundation to help support earthquake relief in Türkiye and Syria.” – TELUS Friendly Future Foundation®

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Direct mail campaign

Text-to-donate allows you to connect your print materials with your digital platform and give your supporters a choice of how to donate.

  • How to implement: Print your QR code or text call-to-action on your envelopes, flyers, postcards, etc.
  • How to promote: Use emotional triggers that appeal to your supporters’ values and emotions. For example, “Help us save lives and text HOPE to 45678 to give $25 right now.”

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Mobile Giving Foundation Canada is pleased to support the Toronto and Region Conservation Foundation, which is dedicated to protecting and restoring nature, heritage and communities.

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In-person events

Live, in-person events create an opportunity for you to leverage the energy and excitement of your event. When incorporating text-to-donate, you can encourage your attendees to donate on the spot with their mobile devices while they feel most compelled to give.

  • How to implement: Display your QR code or your text call-to-action on banners, posters, or screens at your event venue. You can also announce your text-to-donate campaign during your speeches or presentations and ask supporters to text on the spot.
  • How to promote: Use clear and concise language that tells your supporters precisely what to do and how to do it. For example, “Text GIVE to 45678 to donate $10 to our cause.”

A great motivator is to have a fundraising goal and to be vocal about that goal. MGFC can set up a tracker that will show donations received via text in real-time to encourage supporters to help you reach your goal.

By implementing text-to-donate into your existing fundraising strategy, you can create a more holistic and effective campaign that reaches more supporters and drives more donations. Create a fundraising campaign that will resonate with your donors.

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MGFC’s Amazing Partners

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Final Thoughts

Text-to-donate is a powerful tool that can enhance your fundraising strategy and increase your donations without adding extra effort for you or your donors. Integrating it with other traditional channels allows you to reach more supporters and motivate them to donate with a simple and convenient call to action. Try text-to-donate today and see the difference it can make for your cause.