Charitable giving is in the era of text-to-donate technology. In the last 15 years, over 800 charities have raised millions of dollars for their causes using this powerful tool to engage with their supporters in more accessible and convenient ways. It’s easy to use, implement, and keeps donations where they belong—in the charity’s pocket.

This article will delve into the best practices and tips for implementing Text-to-Donate technology to maximize your fundraising success, regardless of your organization’s size or cause. From understanding how Text-to-Donate works to hearing about success stories from real charities like CKUA Radio Network, Shaw Charity Classic Foundation, and the Canadian Red Cross, this article provides a blueprint for creating your very own compelling Text-to-Donate campaign that engages your audience and drives donations.

Join us as we explore all the possibilities that come with Text-to-Donate technology and discover how your charity and donors can make an even more significant impact.

Understanding How Text-to-Donate Works

Charitable Giving has been revolutionized in Canada with new and innovative options like Mobile Giving Foundation Canada’s Text-to-Donate fundraising platform. The only one of its kind, Text-to-Donate is a user-friendly, mobile phone-based platform that simplifies charitable donations for donors and nonprofits alike.

Canadians can easily contribute to causes without visiting a website or providing a credit card. Instead, a donation of $5-$25 is charged to their monthly cell phone bill when the donor sends a text message using the charity’s specific keyword and Short Code combination. A unique feature the platform enables is monthly giving. Once a donor has made a one-time donation, they can be prompted to donate the same amount each month and seamlessly add it to their mobile phone bill.

The Mobile Giving Foundation Canada (MGFC) has collaborated with Canada’s trusted wireless service providers and the Canadian Telecommunications Association to streamline the giving process for donors and minimize operational costs and efforts for valued charitable partners.

Now, let’s explore how charitable partners utilize this technology to drive donations and boost awareness for their causes:

1. CKUA Radio Network raised $20k in their first month via Text-to-Donate

The CKUA Radio Network, a public broadcaster in Alberta, teamed up with MGFC to empower their loyal listeners to support their community radio programming through an effortless mobile donation. By customizing the donation path, they have made it easy for individuals to make a difference and contribute to a cause they care about. With its commitment to musical variety and thoughtful programming, CKUA Radio Network continues to inspire and engage its listeners to support its mission.

They received donations from first-time donors, regular donors, and multiple donors. They raised over $20,000 in their first month of using text-to-donate.

They praised MGFC for its services and support. They said mobile giving significantly contributed to their year-round fundraising and enhanced their other campaigns.

“This effort has significantly contributed to our year-round fundraising. The services that Mobile Giving Foundation Canada offers enhance and support our other ongoing fundraising campaigns. Thank you, team MGFC!”Karla Schell, Director of External Relations.

Let’s examine how CKUA Radio Network utilized this technology to its advantage.

  • They launched their text-to-donate campaign during their annual fall fundraiser, which typically brings in a significant portion of their donations for the year.
  • The key to CKUA’s success was creating a sense of urgency among donors by emphasizing the impact of their donations on their programming and the community they serve.
  • Post-donation, using a custom follow-up message, they encouraged donors to share their contact information and why they love CKUA.
  • They also made it easy for donors to give by providing clear instructions on donating via text message and simplified the process as much as possible.

Next, we’ll examine how the Nova Scotia SPCA used Text-to-Donate to engage donors and raise funds for their cause.

2. Nova Scotia SPCA raised $26k in just three days using Text-to-Donate.

The Nova Scotia SPCA is a registered charity that helps needy companion animals. They provide rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming services for abandoned, injured, homeless, or abused pets. They partnered with MGFC to use text-to-donate to fund their cause. They launched a campaign in December 2019 to help 53 dogs and puppies in their care. They asked donors to text $20 and explained how their donation would make a difference.

The campaign raised more than $26,000 in just three days.

They thanked MGFC for their support and collaboration.

“In December 2019, there were three new litters of puppies born and we ended up having 53 dogs in our care! Thanks to the support of donors, and being able to offer an easy way for them to give via text message, all the pups and dogs received the medical care, intense rehabilitation, and love they needed. They now have a second chance at a safe, happy, and healthy life.”Taylor Mundy, Provincial Fund Development Coordinator.

Here’s what we can learn from the Nova Scotia SPCA to improve future campaigns.

  • Text-to-Donate helped them connect with a broader audience and raise awareness about their cause.
  • They included a Text-to-Donate call-to-action on social media, in their newsletter, and other communication channels, which increased donations.
  • The SPCA utilized storytelling to effectively illustrate the need for funds, using emotional appeals centred on the rescue of puppies.

The Nova Scotia SPCA’s Text-to-Donate campaign is a testament to this fundraising strategy’s effectiveness. It’s easy, convenient, and can be incorporated into various events and campaigns. As we’ll see next, The Shaw Charity Classic Foundation also saw similar success with Text-to-Donate.

3. $23k raised by Shaw Charity Classic Foundation in 2020

The Shaw Charity Classic Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports over 200 children’s charities in Alberta through a PGA TOUR Champions event. In 2020, they launched a text-to-donate campaign with MGFC to raise funds for their cause. Canadians could text $10 to the foundation and have their donation matched by Shaw Communications and the foundation, turning $10 into up to $30.

The campaign raised over $23,000 in donations for local charities.

The foundation thanked MGFC for its services and support. They said the text-to-donate initiative continued the community spirit of the tournament despite the pandemic.

“Although we were not able to come together for the 2020 Shaw Charity Classic tournament due to the pandemic, the community spirit of the tournament continued through the Chip in for Kids text-to-donate initiative.”Jaime Young Manager, Marketing & Community Impact.

What we can learn from the Shaw Charity Classic Foundation for future campaigns.

  • The Shaw Charity Classic Foundation used Text-to-Donate to raise funds for Canadian children’s charities by integrating the call-to-action into existing channels like social media.
  • A clear call-to-action in marketing boosted their fundraising efforts by engaging more supporters and donors.
  • Matching the donation amount encouraged participation and helped increase the benefit for the charities.

Let’s look at the Canadian Red Cross and how it leveraged Text-to-Donate to achieve its fundraising goals.

4. The Canadian Red Cross has raised $3 Million over ten years in partnership with MGFC

The Canadian Red Cross is a registered charity that helps vulnerable people in Canada and around the world. They are part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the largest humanitarian network in the world. They partnered with MGFC to use Text-to-Donate as a fundraising channel for the success of their cause.

The Canadian Red Cross has partnered with MGFC for ten years and has been instrumental in its success. During this time, they have raised over $3 million through text donations.

They said they look forward to exploring innovations and possibilities within mobile giving and philanthropy.

“Our partnership with the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada has been integral in the establishment and growth of our mobile fundraising programs at the Canadian Red Cross. With their help we were able to navigate the relatively small and unknown channel of text to donate through the massive Alberta Fires Appeal in May of 2016 and from there build and maintain an established mobile giving program.”Karen Delorme, Associate Director, Direct Marketing

There are valuable lessons we can learn from the Canadian Red Cross regarding Text-to-Donate campaigns.

  • They leveraged this donation method during natural disasters and other emergencies, allowing donors to contribute quickly and easily.
  • They implemented Monthly Giving to create ongoing funding for their operations.
  • With the help of MGFC, they can confidently provide text campaigns to both their corporate partners and the general public.

In conclusion,

Text-to-donate technology has proven to be a game-changer for charities looking to increase their fundraising efforts and reach new donors. By following the best practices and tips in this article, any charity — regardless of its size or the cause it supports — can create a successful text-to-donate campaign that engages donors and generates results.

As the world increasingly relies on convenience and instant gratification, it’s essential to understand the benefits of this powerful tool and explore how it can help make a real difference to our causes and those in need.

So don’t wait! Start designing your text-to-donate campaign today by booking a 15-minute introduction call with one of our experts and see its impact on your organization and the world around you.

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