If you want to enhance your business performance and positively impact the world, it’s time to focus on improving your ESG (Environmental, social, and corporate governance) performance. Using mobile giving to transform your organisation’s performance to drive meaningful impact is a bold move.

This blog explores how corporations can boost non-profits and enhance their ESG through strategic mobilisation.

What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It is a framework used to evaluate a company’s performance and sustainability based on its environmental practices, social impact, and corporate governance structure.

ESG can be a reliable measure of a corporation’s performance on environmental, social, and governance commitments to which they have made or are held accountable. ESG has become a top priority and business driver, proving critical to a company’s bottom line and overall success, with investors, customers, employees, and regulators paying much closer attention to corporate impact and contributions.

Improving your ESG performance can boost profitability and growth for your Corporation

  • Enhancing your reputation and brand value:
    • A strong ESG track record helps build a positive reputation, fostering trust among stakeholders, customers, investors, employees, and the broader community.
    • By addressing environmental and social issues, corporations can foster closer relationships with stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, and local communities, leading to valuable partnerships and shared value.
    • Many investors now consider ESG factors when making investment decisions, and by elevating ESG practices, a corporation can attract investors who prioritise sustainability and responsible business conduct, potentially leading to increased capital inflow and valuation.
  • Attracting and retaining talent and customers:
    • Organisations with a strong commitment to ESG become attractive employers for top talent seeking purpose-driven work.
    • A study by MarshMclennan found companies with higher ESG scores were more favourably rated for employee satisfaction and attractiveness compared with others
  • Reducing risks and costs:
    • Embedding sustainability practices into everyday processes and procedures can lead to an increase in operational efficiency; measures such as energy conservation, waste reduction, and resource optimization reduce costs and help ensure long-term profitability.
    • Taking a proactive approach to integrating ESG considerations into the organisation’s overarching strategy helps employees better identify and manage environmental and social risks, adapt to regulatory changes, and anticipate customer needs and preferences shifts.
  • Driving Innovation to Strengthen Competitive Advantage:
    • Prioritising ESG can drive innovation by encouraging the development of sustainable products, technologies, and business models giving your corporation a competitive edge in an evolving marketplace where sustainability is increasingly valued.
  • Growth & Resiliency:
    • Corporations prioritising ESG are better positioned to adapt to evolving market trends, regulatory requirements, and societal expectations, contributing to the business’ ability to thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Overall, improved ESG performance enables corporations to align their business objectives with sustainable development goals, generating positive outcomes for both the company and society at large.

How to Boost ESG Performance with Mobile Giving

Enhancing your ESG performance can be more easily achieved by partnering with the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada (MGFC), which makes it easier for donors to support their favourite charities seamlessly from their mobile phone. Leveraging simple and secure channels like MGFC’s Text2Donate platform is a quick and affordable method to improve your ESG performance and engagement.

Established in 2009, MGFC empowers Canadian registered charities and donors by providing a cutting-edge mobile giving platform that works with your cell phone plan. By simply sending a text message to initiate and complete your donation, the donation is then charged to your cellphone bill and the registered charity of your choice will receive your donation, in full, without any hidden fees or charges to the donor or charity. You can learn more about the platform, technology, and how MGFC has partnered with major Canadian phone carriers like Rogers, Bell, and TELUS to enable safe, secure, and straightforward donations here.

A mobile giving platform such as MGFC can benefit charities and donors alike. In this blog, we explain how it works and the advantages it offers. We will also provide compelling examples of how some corporations have partnered with MGFC to support non-profits through mobile giving.

How Corporations Can Partner with MGFC and Support Non-Profits Through Mobile Giving

There are many ways that corporations can partner with MGFC and support non-profits through mobile giving. Here are some examples:

  • Corporations can sponsor or co-brand mobile giving campaigns with charities aligning with ESG goals and values.
    • For example, a corporation can sponsor a mobile giving campaign for a charity that works on environmental issues or social justice causes.
  • Corporations can match or multiply the donations made by their employees or customers through mobile giving.
    • For example, a corporation can match every dollar its employees or customers donate to a charity of their choice through mobile giving.
  • Corporations can promote or feature mobile giving campaigns on their websites, social media, newsletters, or other channels.
    • For example, a corporation can include a banner or a link on its website that encourages visitors to donate to a charity through mobile giving.
  • Corporations can create mobile giving campaigns to raise funds for corporate social responsibility initiatives or causes they care about.
    • For example, a corporation can launch a mobile giving campaign to support its foundation or charity that works on education or health issues.

By partnering with MGFC and supporting non-profits through mobile giving, corporations can positively impact the world and improve their ESG performance. This platform can help corporations enhance their reputation, attract talent and customers, reduce risks and costs, boost innovation, and increase profitability and growth.

How MGFC Works and What Are the Advantages of Text2Donate?

Text2Donate is a straightforward way for donors to support their favourite charities using their mobile phones. Here it works:

  • Get Started: Donors see a charity’s call-to-action and send in the promoted keyword (or emoji) to the associated 5-digit Short Code number
  • Confirm Donation: Donors receive a confirmation message and reply with YES (or confirm the amount they want to give if the charity has opted to give multiple donation options) to confirm their donation.
  • Thank You and Tax Receipt: Donors receive a thank-you message and a link to claim their tax receipt through the MGFC website.
  • Convenient Billing: Donors’ donations are charged through their monthly cellphone bill.

Mobile giving has many advantages for donors and charities, such as:

Mobile giving is quick, easy, and secure.

Donors can respond immediately to a cause or crisis without filling out forms or providing personal information.

Mobile giving also expands the pool of contributors.

To expand your donor base, target your marketing efforts at younger individuals who will have the capacity to make consistent, small-denomination donations. This strategy has the potential to generate a consistent flow of contributions over time and ensure the sustainability of our organisation’s endeavours.

Mobile giving helps charities reduce administrative costs.

MGFC ensures that all donors receive a tax receipt for every donation made to the non-profit organisation as part of their commitment to providing transparent and efficient service.

Mobile giving increases fundraising.

Monthly Giving can help charitable organisations receive reliable funding to plan and execute future sustainability programs. It also allows them to invest in longer-term initiatives that have a greater impact on the communities they serve.

Mobile giving supercharges ESG initiatives.

To get more donations, nonprofits can team up with companies that will match employee donations. They can also use online tracking tools to show donors how close they are to reaching their fundraising goals. This clarifies how much of a difference their donations can make and encourages people to give more.


Mobile giving is an innovative and convenient way for corporations to support nonprofits and improve their ESG performance. MGFC is the leading organisation that provides the technology and platform for Text2Donate in Canada. MGFC works with registered charities and donors to make mobile giving quick, easy, and secure.

If you want to learn more about how to partner with MGFC and support non-profits through mobile giving, please visit MGFC’s website and contact us: https://www.mobilegiving.ca/en/contact-us/.

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